Our life is full of stages, from birth until our death
We start off life as babies clinging to our mothers breast
A crawling then a walking
We start to scream and shout
Then it's off to school to learn and read what life's about

By now you are a teenager, that some say is most fun
It flies by so quickly, you're then married and have sons
You work right through and plod along and do a 9 till 5
And then when old you get a watch, cor! What a nice surprise
For now you are a pensioner, a job well done they say
Take a rest, enjoy yourself - your life it ebbs away

At eighty if you're lucky, you'll still be going on
A stage of life so final, where have all your years gone?
We're cradled in the grave now, the final stage is here
The time is up to show your hand, our maker to appear.