• About Me

    Chrissy Bee

From an early age I had an inner knowing and spirit drew close to me

Chrissy Bee The Tarot TableAs a child I had visions of beings not of this realm or dimension I was a natural empath and intuitive born an old soul. During my teens I had an experience that changed my life forever having an encounter of a UFO which awakened and guided me on a journey that is akin to Alice in Wonderland as I ventured down the rabbit hole.

I joined the local spiritualist church in 1984 where I sat in circle for many years working with some of best known mediums of the day whom were hard task masters but taught and trained me well. I became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 1996 along with counselling courses with the Essex Healers Association in 1997. I also have a regular client who is the great grand daughter of the captain of the titanic.

I studied Reflexology at the Di, Marie clinic in 1995 and did a shamanic course at the Rainbow Chalice back in the early 90’s with Dr Christine Page and Gwen Cuthbert… I was an active member of the U.F.O and paranormal group for over ten years and quested and travelled to many sacred sites and places all over the world attending many courses and lectures with some of world’s most amazing speakers and experts in various fields of knowledge.

I am now writing ,hosting conferences and running meditation and healing groups as the planet is on the verge of transition. The Call is being heard by all Old Souls Light Workers Star Seeds Indigo Crystal Children & Rainbow Warriors all over the world as we awaken from the big sleep .

I have a BPC police check Public liability INS: Registration with H.P.A.I and Essex Healers.
Registered sole trader self-employed.

I am here now to help you find some of the answers to the questions you seek in your life. A reading will give you that guidance enabling you to choose what path is best for your soul.

(Under current British Law the above is classed as entertainment only and readings are from the age of sixteen upwards.)