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A reading today may change your tomorrow.
Blessings Chrissy

There are many changes happening now as for told by the ancients

Mother Earth known as Gaia is going through a major shift – an accession process that is having an effect on all life here.

There are many light workers / star seeds / rainbow warriors and old souls who have incarnated in this space & time to assist humanity through this new dawn birthing process – it is often a hard and painful transition which is exposing light on the darkness.

Humanity is awakening from the big sleep and releasing itself from the matrix that has surrounded and encased us here in this realm and 2012 was the turning point.

We are not alone in this galaxy and there are multi-universes and dimensions all around us – we are living through the times when all truths shall eventually be revealed both good bad & ugly.

It’s an amazing time to be here for we are spirit encased in an earthly body having a human experience so enjoy the journey plant good seeds for each will reap what is sown and Love is the key for all is one and all is Love.

Namasté x

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