Where does passion go? From where does it arise?
Like the pulling of the oceans
I long to catch every breath that you make
A longing in my heart to hold you next to my beating heart
To feel your warmth and flesh
Like one arising up in me

I smile at the mention of your name
Eyes sparkle at the slightest glimpse of you, my beloved
Oh-alas, if this the most precious gift of love, of what its limits are of timeless dimensions.
To cherish the feelings deep with in one's self and nurture the passion down in one's soul.

Acknowledging the awareness, an awakening that lies deep and hidden inside the very essence of our being.
For us a passion born like a silver thread to weave through out the days of love and passion.
And when in time we part in deep despair and sorrow, not to grieve but look upon the tapestry we've weaved
And take the silver threads beyond the edge of life.
Until at last in spirit we see a most beautiful of life.