I count my blessings every day that God goes give to me
The great spirit in every way lives inside of thee
The air we breath,e the grass so green, the trees that gently sway
A whisper from the wind that blows, a secret some may say.

The beauty of the Earth, so full of creatures far and wide
The seas, the sky, the cosmos, the picture in our eyes
The window of the soul, they say, is there for all to see
The energy that pumps our blood, the force that lives in me
I count my blessings every day, the love from family
The warmth, the peace, the smiles and joy, so great our ancestry.

As night and day pass by so quick and seasons come and go
If only we could learn to live in peace so love can grow
With much pain and sorrow here all caused by mankinds greed
To reap the seeds that we do sow, a very deadly deed.

"Wake up soon" the spirit cries and stop your selfish ways
Bring out the light and love inside or soon be end of days
Stop the pain and suffering, the wars, the rape, the greed
Let's have balance with our lives and mother nature's needs.
Soon our blessings may turn back and bite us all real hard
A lesson we would not forget - just tears of sadness - deep regret.

So stop right now, it's time to act
It starts with you and me
To be the gentle spirit, to set creation free
To count our blessings every day, have peace and harmony
For we are brothers underneath - the human family.

Let's learn again a simple life that only meets our needs
not our wants or wasteful lives, our gluttonous evil greed
For at the end it matters not what wealth you may acquire
Tis not what you have but what you are that we should aspire.