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Spiritual Teaching & Developement Class

by Chris Bampton

Spiritual Teaching & Developement Class

I am currently running a twelve month once a month teaching and development class .

All information as follows .

Local Area -Spiritual Learning & Development Group Call to book 01702 616988

Month 1- Ice Breaker Introduction “Protection Over view of the chakras colours meanings

Month 2- Guided Meditation still the mind senses smell sounds feel & tools eg dowsing tarot cards crystal balls

Month 3- Guides/ Door keepers –Past Lives -Protection

Month 4 Connect to Guides Helpers & Spirit in silence be still share what you got with others

Month 5-Transfigureration over shadowment & trance

Month 6-Psycometry readings (your need to bring an item of jewellery or something you always wear)

Month 7-Balancing the charkas /sensing healing energy (we will be working on a therapy bed for this session)

Month 8-Meditation and Auto matic writing

Month 9- Sit in pairs giving each other a reading

Month 10-The Bigger picture overview of ET .s dimensions and what going on here

Month 11-spirit board ( with my guest )

Month 12- Merkaba Meditation chats on all you have gained Q&A Close

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