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Minds of Awareness Conference 2015 (detailed information )

by Chris Bampton

Minds of Awareness Conference 2015 (detailed information )

Sunday 15th November 2015

Balmoral Centre Salisbury Ave Westcliff On Sea Essex SSO 7AU

Visit Webb site for information and ticket sales

10am - 7.30pm £35 per ticket

Book Early spaces limited an event not to be missed

Food & Drink Sales

Toilets -off street parking -close to town bus and trains

Five top quality Speakers

Book signings and Q&A with Marcus Alan From Nexus Magazine and Rickard Ward From Myth Magic and Man

( speakers may change if life event and tickets non refundable unless event cancelled )

Larry warren ( Rendlesham Forest ufo event and cover up )

Gary Hesletine ( UFO Magazine and all the latest news and information )

Andrew Collins ( Ancient Egypt and more)

Todd Acameisis ( OBE out of body travellers and interdimensional beings )

Andy Thomas and M/C for the event talking on ( The Truth Agenda and more )

Guests Jenny & Alan Cox from The Balance Procedure

Thanking our Sponsors Chrissy Bee from

                   Ian Jones       from
                   Sandra Wiseman  from
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