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by Chris Bampton


A Silver & Blue flower of life let all the worlds people now start to unite . If we all come to gather in love and in peace in each of our circles we all hold a piece . To build a new blue print a world full of joy with long threads of silver each one can deploy by doing this mission we all come in truth removing the darkness as we become sleuths . Exposing a world that’s consumed by a beast that’s feasts of all angers and fears that it seeks .Namaste *** 136.1 Hz

United if ALL Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe hold global meditations circles all around the word in small groups manifesting the blue print for our beautiful Gaia and all its amazing Life forms we can bring about the New Dawn. Weaving a thread of silver ( like the ley lines ) reflecting the inner light of spirit that shines and removes the dark. In Love Truth & Peace Namaste *** Where three or more meet in my name I AM . Monthly meditation Group 1st Wednesday every month all information on face page book

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